Atlantic Theater Company

ATLANTIC THEATER COMPANY (Neil Pepe, Artistic Director, Beth Emelson, Producing Director) produces great stories simply and truthfully. Utilizing an ensemble of theater artists and a specific approach to producing in order to cultivate and present the work of young and established playwrights, Atlantic was founded in 1985. Since its inception, Atlantic has presented over ninty plays in New York, Chicago and Vermont. Atlantic’s productions include the Tony Award winning production of The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh, the revivals of American Buffalo and Edmond by David Mamet, Dangerous Corner by J.B. Priestley, adapted and directed by David Mamet, The Cider House Rules, adapted by Peter Parnell, The Hothouse, by Harold Pinter, Mojo by Jez Butterworth, the New York premieres of Howard Korder’s Boys’ Life and The Lights at Lincoln Center Theater, Kevin Heelan’s Distant Fires, Quincy Long’s The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite and Shaker Heights, Tom Donaghy’s Minutes From The Blue Route, Edwin Sánchez’ Trafficking in Broken Hearts, and Missing Persons by Craig Lucas. The company moved to its landmark home in Chelsea in 1991. During its history, Atlantic has garnered four Tony Awards, two Lucille Lortel Awards, five Obie Awards, an Outer Critics Circle Award, seven Outer Critics Circle Award nominations, fourteen Drama Desk Award nominations, and three Lucille Lortel nominations for this season’s production of Hobson’s Choice. Atlantic also operates The Atlantic Theater Company Acting School, which has a three-year program through NYU, as well as two-year professional acting program, and a six-week intensive workshop every summer.
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Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Derren Brown: Secret Linda Gross Theater 05/16/2017 Producer
2 Wonderland: Alice's Rock & Roll Adventure Linda Gross Theater 03/04/2017 Producer
3 The Penitent Linda Gross Theater 02/27/2017 Producer
4 The Band's Visit Linda Gross Theater 11/24/2016 Producer
5 1001 Nights: A Love Story About Loving Stories Linda Gross Theater 09/17/2016 Producer
6 Marie and Rosetta Linda Gross Theater 09/12/2016 Producer
7 Skeleton Crew Linda Gross Theater 05/19/2016 Producer
8 Hold On To Me Darling Linda Gross Theater 03/14/2016 Producer
9 These Paper Bullets! Linda Gross Theater 12/15/2015 Producer
10 Cloud Nine Linda Gross Theater 10/05/2015 Producer
11 Guards at the Taj Linda Gross Theater 06/11/2015 Producer
12 Camp Kappawanna Linda Gross Theater 03/21/2015 Producer
13 Posterity Linda Gross Theater 03/15/2015 Producer
14 Between Riverside and Crazy Second Stage Theatre 02/11/2015 Producer
15 Dying For It Linda Gross Theater 01/08/2015 Producer
16 Ivy + Bean, The Musical Linda Gross Theater 10/18/2014 Producer
17 Found Linda Gross Theater 10/14/2014 Producer
18 Between Riverside and Crazy Linda Gross Theater 07/31/2014 Producer
19 Mr. Chickee's Funny Money Linda Gross Theater 04/12/2014 Producer
20 The Threepenny Opera Linda Gross Theater 04/07/2014 Producer
21 The Night Alive Linda Gross Theater 12/12/2013 Producer
22 Women or Nothing Linda Gross Theater 09/16/2013 Producer
23 3 Kinds of Exile Linda Gross Theater 06/11/2013 Producer
24 The Lying Lesson Linda Gross Theater 03/13/2013 Producer
25 What Rhymes with America Linda Gross Theater 12/12/2012 Producer
26 Harper Regan Linda Gross Theater 10/10/2012 Producer
27 Storefront Church Linda Gross Theater 06/11/2012 Producer
28 CQ/CX Peter Norton Space 02/15/2012 Producer
29 Happy Hour Peter Norton Space 12/05/2011 Producer
30 Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 10/03/2011 Producer
31 Through a Glass Darkly New York Theatre Workshop 06/06/2011 Producer
32 The New York Idea Lucille Lortel Theatre 01/26/2011 Producer
33 The Collection & A Kind of Alaska: Two Plays by Harold Pinter East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 11/21/2010 Producer
34 Gabriel Linda Gross Theater 05/13/2010 Producer
35 Ages of the Moon Linda Gross Theater 01/27/2010 Producer
36 Two Unrelated Plays by David Mamet: Keep Your Pantheon and School Linda Gross Theater 09/30/2009 Producer
37 Offices Linda Gross Theater 05/07/2009 Producer
38 The Cripple of Inishmaan Linda Gross Theater 12/21/2008 Producer
39 Farragut North Linda Gross Theater 11/12/2008 Producer
40 What's That Smell: The Music of Jacob Sterling New World Stages Stage V 11/01/2008 Producer
41 Port Authority Linda Gross Theater 05/21/2008 Producer
42 Almost an Evening Theatres at 45 Bleecker/Bleecker Steet Theatre 04/02/2008 Producer
43 Parlour Song Linda Gross Theater 03/06/2008 Producer
44 Trumpery Linda Gross Theater 12/05/2007 Producer
45 Scarcity Linda Gross Theater 09/20/2007 Producer
46 10 Million Miles Linda Gross Theater 06/14/2007 Producer
47 The Voysey Inheritance Linda Gross Theater 12/06/2006 Producer
48 Birth and After Birth Linda Gross Theater 10/03/2006 Producer
49 Spring Awakening Linda Gross Theater 06/15/2006 Producer
50 The Lieutenant of Inishmore Linda Gross Theater 02/27/2006 Producer
51 Celebration and The Room Linda Gross Theater 12/05/2005 Producer
52 The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow Linda Gross Theater 09/19/2005 Producer
53 The Cherry Orchard Linda Gross Theater 06/16/2005 Producer
54 Romance Linda Gross Theater 03/01/2005 Producer
55 A Second Hand Memory Linda Gross Theater 11/22/2004 Producer
56 The Bald Soprano and The Lesson Linda Gross Theater 09/19/2004 Producer
57 The Two and Only Linda Gross Theater 05/13/2004 Producer
58 Sea of Tranquility Linda Gross Theater 02/25/2004 Producer
59 Frame 312 Linda Gross Theater 12/11/2003 Producer
60 The Night Heron Linda Gross Theater 10/07/2003 Producer
61 Writer's Block Linda Gross Theater 05/15/2003 Producer
62 Dublin Carol Linda Gross Theater 02/20/2003 Producer
63 Blue/Orange Linda Gross Theater 11/24/2002 Producer
64 The Butter and Egg Man Linda Gross Theater 10/02/2002 Producer
65 This Thing of Darkness Linda Gross Theater 05/30/2002 Producer
66 Hobson's Choice Linda Gross Theater 01/10/2002 Producer
67 An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein Linda Gross Theater 10/17/2001 Producer
68 The Dog Problem Linda Gross Theater 06/06/2001 Producer
69 Force Continuum Linda Gross Theater 02/08/2001 Producer
70 American Buffalo Linda Gross Theater 03/16/2000 Producer
71 Sexual Perversity in Chicago/The Duck Variations Linda Gross Theater 01/12/2000 Producer
72 The Water Engine / Mr. Happiness Linda Gross Theater 10/20/1999 Producer
73 Once in a Lifetime Linda Gross Theater 05/03/1998 Producer
74 The Beauty Queen of Leenane Linda Gross Theater 02/26/1998 Producer
75 Mojo Linda Gross Theater 11/10/1997 Producer
76 Clean Linda Gross Theater 06/09/1997 Producer
77 The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite Linda Gross Theater 04/07/1997 Producer
78 Minutes from the Blue Route Linda Gross Theater 01/30/1997 Producer
79 Edmond Linda Gross Theater 10/01/1996 Producer
80 Dangerous Corner Linda Gross Theater 09/30/1995 Producer
81 Luck, Pluck, and Virtue Linda Gross Theater 03/18/1995 Producer
82 Missing Persons Linda Gross Theater 01/24/1995 Producer
83 Trafficking in Broken Hearts Linda Gross Theater 12/08/1994 Producer
84 Frank Maya: Paying for the Pool Linda Gross Theater 09/29/1993 Producer
85 Nothing Sacred Linda Gross Theater 10/21/1992 Producer
86 The Virgin Molly Linda Gross Theater 03/14/1992 Producer
87 Five Very Live Linda Gross Theater 01/03/1992 Producer
88 Reunion Linda Gross Theater 10/25/1991 Producer
89 Distant Fires Linda Gross Theater 10/11/1991 Producer
90 Three Sisters Linda Gross Theater 04/12/1991 Producer
Award Production
1 WON 2015 Outer Critics Circle Award, Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play Between Riverside and Crazy Producer
2 NOMINATED 2015 Drama League Award Nomination, Outstanding Production of a Play Between Riverside and Crazy Producer
3 WON 2015 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play Between Riverside and Crazy Producer
4 NOMINATED 2006 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Revival Celebration and The Room Producer
5 NOMINATED 2003 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Play Dublin Carol Producer
6 NOMINATED 2009 Outer Critics Circle Award Nomination, Outstanding New Off- Broadway Play Farragut North Producer
7 NOMINATED 2002 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Revival Hobson's Choice Producer
8 WON 2007 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Musical 2007 Drama League Award, Outstanding Production of a Musical 2007 Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Musical Spring Awakening Producer
9 NOMINATED 2017 Lucille Lortel Awards Nomination, Outstanding Musical The Band's Visit Producer
10 WON 2017 Lucille Lortel Awards, Outstanding Musical The Band's Visit Producer
11 WON 1998 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play 1998 Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Play 1998 Drama League Award, Outstanding Production of a Play The Beauty Queen of Leenane Producer
12 NOMINATED 2011 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Revival The Collection & A Kind of Alaska: Two Plays by Harold Pinter Producer
13 NOMINATED 2009 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Revival 2009 Outer Critics Circle Award Nomination, Outstanding Revival of a Play The Cripple of Inishmaan Producer
14 WON 2006 Lucille Lortel Award, Outstanding Play The Lieutenant of Inishmore Producer
15 NOMINATED 2005 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Solo Show The Two and Only Producer
16 NOMINATED 2007 Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Outstanding Revival The Voysey Inheritance Producer
17 NOMINATED 2009 Outer Critics Circle Award Nomination, Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical What's That Smell: The Music of Jacob Sterling Producer